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The following services apply to all types of home makeovers, whether you're trying to sell your property, or want to enjoy living in it more. Home Staging Makeovers aim to remove anything potential buyers could object to (eg. clutter, bright purple and orange feature walls etc.) but regular Home Makeovers have no boundaries - we incorporate whatever you want into your designs!

All projects are unique - some can be completed in one day, and others of course can take longer.   We can return at any stage if you need help, or we can produce various plans for you to work through.  We especially recommend you call us back for the vital "finishing touches".

Consultation - £150

This is the starting point for any project, whether you plan to do the work yourself or whether you need further help from us. The Consultation starts with a walk-through of the home, highlighting any problem areas. We then offer practical low-cost solutions that you can either implement yourself, or employ us to do so.  This verbal consultation takes 2 - 3 hours, and it's exciting to see how a fresh pair of eyes can open up the full potential of your home.  

Hands-On Styling - £195 per day

If you're short on time, or don't have the imagination and practical skills to complete your project, we can do the shopping and styling for you.  We can organise your storage, de-clutter if necessary, re-style existing furnishings and can add new furniture and accessories if required.  Maybe you want a real treat - leave us to it, and enjoy a television-style "Reveal" at the end of the last day.

The styling day consists of seven hours working time - you'll be amazed how much can be done in that time. If you need to extend the day, just ask us to stay longer - our hourly rate is £35.

Everyone loves to see 'before' and 'after' photographs, so we supply you with these at no extra cost.

Home Makeover Lessons - £250

An ideal gift or a chance to learn a new skill. The 2-hour lesson will take place in your own home, and will include makeover advice for several rooms in your house, as an integral part of the lesson. It is similar to having one of my Consultations, but youíre learning why Iím making the suggestions, so you can make your own decisions next time. To see more click here

Tradesmen - price by quotation

For investment purposes, you may wish to add new furniture, decorate, or replace carpets etc. as this usually adds thousands of pounds to the property's value.  We can advise on all of this, and can offer the services of our own handy-man, decorator and plumber, if required, as well as other local trades and suppliers.

Consultation Summary Report - £35

Following a consultation, you may require a quick summary of all the suggestions we made. We always keep our notes, so you can request this report at any time.

Home Makeover DIY Report - two options:

  1. Following a Consultation - £195
    If you love the ideas we suggested in your consultation, and want to go ahead and implement them yourself, we can produce a detailed DIY plan for you to follow. It will specify key products, colours, styles and techniques, all tailored to your budget. The step-by-step instructions ensure that your project flows smoothly.

  2. With NO Consultation - £295
    If we're too far away to visit, or you don't want a consultation for any reason, we can still help. We need some photographs of your house - either send them on a CD, email, or upload them to a web album on www.picasa.google.com. We will produce a room-by-room plan, including suggestions for improving the décor and colour co-ordination, any new furniture or accessories required, decluttering and improving the room layout.
Click HERE to see some photographs from clients, or HERE for suggestions of what can be included in your report.

Please call for advice - we can give you an idea of project costs before we visit for a Consultation.

Please read our Client's Comments for genuine appraisals of our work!


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