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Whether you plan to tackle the project alone and just need some advice, or whether you need us to work along with you, it's much easier to see the solutions with a fresh pair of eyes.

Consultation Only
- £150

This is ideal if you need practical, professional advice, but have the time and ability to work through our suggestions yourself, in your own time.  We can return at any stage if you need help, or we can produce various plans for you to work through.  This verbal consultation takes 2-3 hours and it's exciting to see how some fresh ideas can open up the full potential of your home.

Declutter / Organising Days
- £195

If you just can't tackle this alone, our Consultant will guide you through each room, decluttering, organising and eliminating the problems with you.  We'll optimise your storage, and all items you use often will be easily accessible - no more wasted time searching for elusive belongings!

The styling day consists of seven hours working time - you'll be amazed how much can be done in that time. If you need to extend the day, just ask us to stay longer - our hourly rate is £35.

Please call for advice - we can give you an idea of project costs before we visit for a Consultation.

Please read our Client's Comments for genuine appraisals of our work!


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