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HOME MAKEOVERS...in the media!

Nottingham Evening Post

Have you set the stage to make a good impression?
Creating the right impression is one of the key ways to ensure a house sale and yet so many people make the same mistakes when it comes to "staging" their property.

Lynn Pick, who runs the East Midlands home makeover company Home Stylers Ltd, has seen it all over the past ten years...

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15 March 2012

BBC Radio Derby – Aleena Naylor Show

Loft collapses on top of man whilst he sleeps!
A 79 year old man in Essex was trapped in his bed as his loft floor gave way. He had been storing 50 boxes of yachting magazines for a friend, and the weight was just too much. Luckily he was fine! But it’s time to take a look at what we should and shouldn’t store in our lofts.

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15 December 2011


Stash in the Attic
Sorting through a lifetime of possessions and memories can be traumatic, but the right help can take the distress out of downsizing ...


21 November 2011

BBC Radio Derby – Aleena Naylor Show

Clutter Makes You Fat!
With today’s hectic lifestyles, we don’t always have time to control our clutter. Once this is out of control, it has a knock-on effect on our lifestyle. It’s ‘easier’ to buy junk food, we ‘need’ comfort food to make us happy etc...

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16 November 2011

Birmingham Post - Property Post Supplement:

Doctor in the House!

Lynn Pick is an expert at House Staging, a technique designed to de-clutter properties and make them look as spacious and inviting to prospective purchasers as possible...


28 July 2011

Nottingham Evening Post

Make right impression – and sell your home

On receiving Lynn's report, Rob was thrilled with the frank and helpful assessment. Her comments on the conflict between the modern downstairs and dated upstairs opened his eyes...


23 June 2011

Nottingham Evening Post

How to 'stage' your home to hook that potential buyer
Lynn said: "The secret to successful home staging is getting the buyer to imagine themselves living in the property, as surprisingly, nine out of 10 people cannot visualise a room looking any different to how it's presented to them."


23 June 2011

The Independent

Selling or staying - make the most of your home
Lynn Pick said that with decor, less is more. "Choose four colours for your house and no more; just vary the proportion that you use these colours from room to room. The key is that colour schemes should flow and be easy on the eye."


24 April 2011

Independent Newspaper
Having problems selling your house?
It's time to call in the homestagers "Research shows that buyers make a decision about whether they are going to turn their nose up or not within about 30 seconds. First impressions, therefore, really count," says Lynn Pick, a director of Home Stylers...cont...


10 April 2011

The Telegraph

Perfect pitching with the help of the homestagers
The basic principle of homestaging, it seems, is that in order for your home to appeal to people, you must first depersonalise it. ...cont...


31 March 2011

Birmingham Mail

Doctor Lynn gives kiss of life to rooms
"Our approach to interior design is to make the most of what you have already, which is beneficial to both the environment and to our customers’ budgets. We do not scrap and start again like many design companies, as we recognise that homeowners want to update their look without costing the earth, financially or with excessive waste.”... cont...


11 October 2010

Ideal Home Magazine

"If there is clutter, a lack of colour or no furniture, buyers just cannot see its potential..."

See the full article here...

February 2010

The Independent

Spruce up your home to make that elusive sale
"I don't believe you need to do a full interior design job, and I would advise against spending a large amount on anything, such as replacing an entire kitchen or putting in a large conservatory," says Lynn Pick of Home Stylers Ltd, based in the Midlands.....cont...


3 June 2009

Real Homes Magazine

"Storage is a problem in many homes. Most of us believe we don't have enough storage space. In fact, we do - we're just not using it properly."

See full article here...

February 2007

At Home Magazine

House Doctor changed my life
Home Stylers Ltd is based in the East Midlands, offering de-cluttering and home-organising services whether the client intends to sell their home or just wants to enjoy living in it more comfortably....cont...


3 August 2006


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