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• For a faster, more profitable sale

• Suitable for any property - any budget

• Many properties staged in one or two days

• Low cost - high impact

• Official House Doctor Consultant for expert advice.

Whether you’re a home-owner, a landlord or a property developer, if you’re trying to sell or rent-out your property in this tough economic climate, you’re going to need to “stand out from the crowd”.  Once a house is put on the market, it becomes more than a home, it’s a product, and just like any other product for sale, it will face lots of competition out there.  It needs to look its best and appeal to as broad a market as possible.  It needs preparing for sale - in other words “Home Staging” or "House Doctoring" .

Home Staging is an art … so employ a professional to prepare your property effectively

This isn’t expensive or complicated, surprisingly enough!  Our House Doctor Consultant will advise you on how to spend as little as possible to give maximum impact.  Often all that’s required is a good tidy-up, with a few finishing touches, ready for the photographer’s visit.  If, however, your property does need a little extra work, we can offer our own handy-man, decorator and plumber, should you need them, and we also work along with other local trades and suppliers.

With home staging, the finishing touches are really important. Not just the soft furnishings, but the artwork, vases, ornaments and plants. They show the property off at its best. If you don’t have much in the property for us to work with, once you know what's required, you may be able to beg, ‘steal’ or borrow some from friends!

If you do need a few new items - even furniture - our House Doctor Consultant can shop for you, to ensure all styles and colours will suit your home. (Don't forget, they will be great in your new home too, because they will all co-ordinate!). The furniture and accessories will be delivered, unpacked, cleaned, assembled / ironed / hung, and styled for you, before those important final photographs are taken of every room. We supply you with two CD's of your photos - one for you to keep, and the other for your Estate Agent, if required.

Remember - these are worthwhile investments - much less than the first £10,000 reduction you’ll have to make when your property won’t sell!

Our House Doctor Consultant can help you with…

Selling your home
- we tidy and ‘tweak’ what you already have in your home first, to keep the budget low

Selling or renting-out an empty property
- adding some key items of furniture, and dramatic accessories

Styling a Show Home
- our styling costs are a fraction of the usual interior design costs, so Developers love us!

Low budget makeovers
- we use low budgets for Home Staging, so we apply the same principles to makeovers!

Fast one-day home staging
- sometimes all that’s needed is a tidy-up and quick re-style, all in one day

Preparing for removals day
- we often pack lots of boxes during home staging, which simplifies the removals day

Furnishing rental properties
- if you want to let your property “fully furnished”, we can arrange that for you

Home Staging Services from £150, Click here for prices and services...

Everyone loves “BEFORE” and “AFTER” photographs!  We’ve got pages and pages of them in our HOME STAGING PHOTO GALLERY, including houses that sold within days of staging, after having been on the market over one year!

Also view our CLIENT’S COMMENTS page for genuine appraisals of our work.


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