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…welcome to our website. As professionals, we all know if a property is presented well, it attracts more viewings, and ultimately has a much higher chance of selling.

We also know that most vendors want to spend as little as possible on the entire process, so before you get the instruction, you may be understandably reluctant to suggest they may need to invest a little more in order to facilitate a faster, more profitable sale.

But more and more vendors now realise they need to prepare their homes for sale…and that you need to be able to take great photos of every room. There are many reasons why some of them can’t do it themselves…lack of time…inability to see through “buyer’s eyes”… so we just want to offer a professional “add-on” service to enhance your own.

Our three-hour consultations are only £150

Your vendor will then know what to do and how to do it… and if they need more help, we work quickly and efficiently so that your sales process won’t be interrupted. Most projects take less than a week, and we understand your need for speed.

If you had a link to us on your website, it would be very easy for you to suggest they may want to contact us before you take the photographs. You’re not criticising them, you’re just offering a pathway to good quality photographs – an invaluable tool in today’s market.

Our services are invaluable for property developers too – we dress show homes at a fraction of the cost of traditional interior designers, and much faster too!

Estate Agent Comments:

1) Royston & Lund Estate Agents, in West Bridgford: Commenting on a 2-bedroom house, fully staged within a week:

“WOW!!  I have to say she (Lynn) has done an amazing job, it looks stunning!!”

Result: They made it a “Property of the Week” and sold it four days later, after being on the market almost a year with various agents.

Royston & Lund Estate Agents

2) Harrison Murray Estate Agents, Leicester: Commenting on a 4-bed house, staged by the vendor (using our advice), and just a couple of days of “Finishing Touches” from us:

“The property was very well presented.”

Result: This property finally sold after two vendors entered a bidding war over it!.

Harrison Murray Estate Agents

3) Royston & Lund Estate Agents
They recommended us to another vendor, following the above success. This home also required a week’s staging (including some decorating).

Result: Sold within a month for the asking price.

4) Savills Estate Agents

Extract from an article in The Independent newspaper:

Estate agents Savills have an interior services department, which liaises with clients having trouble selling, but its director, Simon Buhl Davis, says any outlay is always determined on a case-by-case basis. "You do have to put some money in to get some money out. Spending won't add value, but it will help you sell."

He agrees with (Lynn) Pick that a reshuffle and a few hundred pounds might be all that is required, and says first impressions are everything. "From the moment someone walks up the street to the building they are taking notes," he says. "It's got to be ticking boxes straightaway – no weeds, peeling paint or scuff marks in the hallway. Clean, clean, clean and make sure there is a lot of light. Use mirrors to reflect light if necessary. A lot of it is psychological."

Do you need an expert to impart this sort of common-sense advice? Buhl Davis says he provides an "objective eye". If you love your own home, it can be difficult to imagine why anyone else might not.


Most vendors want helpful feedback, and often get frustrated because they don’t get it.


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