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Often linked together, these two services are popular whether you intend to sell your home, or simply want to enjoy a more organised environment.  Surprisingly, an untidy, chaotic, disorganised home isn’t always full of rubbish, as some TV programs will suggest.  We recently “Decluttered” a four bedroom home, but only removed two bags from the house!  Sorting and organising the existing storage created so much extra space that all belongings could then be put away.  We simply made the home ‘work’ for the family.

Decluttering can be a life changing experience

There are numerous benefits to be gained by tackling any clutter or storage problems in your home – whether you’re selling it and need it to appear more spacious or you just want to be able to live there more comfortably.  Your office will benefit too, as you can work more efficiently in an organised space.  Once the clutter is gone, you need to organise your storage efficiently so you can always find everything, and all belongings have a home – that way, there’s more chance of them being put away properly when they’ve been used.

It can also be an overwhelming experience

That’s where we can help.  We can offer practical advice on tackling that clutter yourself, if you prefer, and help you to plan your ultimate storage requirements.  Alternatively, we can spend time helping you to declutter, working through each room together.  Once your space is uncluttered, we can style your home to suit your lifestyle.  If you’re selling your property, we’ll style it for a fast, profitable sale.  If you’re staying, we’ll style it to perfection, whatever your budget.

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Everyone loves “BEFORE” and “AFTER” photographs! We’ve got pages and pages of them in our DECLUTTER PHOTO GALLERY, showing how different an organised home can look and feel!

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